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IK LIG GOED (2023)
Charcoal, canvas, thread

Ik lig goed is a work made during a three-week-residency at SIGN, Groningen. The exhibition was only visible through a window.

The work reflects on feeling (too) relaxed with my own negativity. Ik lig goed represents my comfortzone; every night I tuck myself in with my somewhat depressing thoughts, they cover me entirely and so form a big part of my identity. The most logical thing would be wanting to get rid off this heavy blanket, yet the idea of letting the negativity go frightens me. Unlearning certain thought patterns is difficult, its easier to just not do it, but not sustainable. This is why this blanket is loosely tied together, one big pull and it is torn apart.

Ik lig goed means that I feel totally OK with laying down here. 

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