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︎︎︎Let me go back

Charcoal, paper, stucco, aerated concrete blocks, demolition hammer

Work created during a two week working period at Pictura, Dordrecht. For the exhibition ‘Project Weken’

Sometimes life feels like an endless cycle of the same happenings, thoughts and behaviorisms. You start to feel frustrated and disconnected, and try to break out of the cycle. However, when there is change, life can feel imbalanced, scary and uncomfortable, and you start longing to the way things were before. There is a duality in predictability; its is boring and depressing, but at the same time it is safe and tranquil. Because of the discomfort that comes with change, people tend to fall back into their routines. Therefore, you will feel stuck and not in control; you are a spectator watching life unfold itself, over and over again. In this work I want to focus on “failing” to change and being forced back into what you know.

In traffic, you have to follow the rules that someone else created. Everybody follows the same rules to ensure safety. When you or someone else decides to to whatever they want, a tragic car accident will follow. At the same time, cars represent freedom, you can go wherever you want at any time. But this freedom is a sort of illusion; the roads decide where you can go and the traffic lights will tell you when. If you decide to really pursue this freedom, your car will become a murder-machine.

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